Meet Dalia – Our Fantastic Dental Nursing Diploma Tutor at Everest Education!

At Everest Education, we pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated and passionate tutors who not only excel in their professional fields but also bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom. This month, we are thrilled to spotlight Dalia Hani, a remarkable tutor whose journey from a dental practitioner to an inspiring educator exemplifies dedication, passion, and the joy of teaching.

A Journey from Dentistry to Education
Dalia Hani embarked on her professional journey at the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, graduating in 2010. Her early career was marked by her work as a dental practitioner at Cairo University Hospital, where she honed her skills and dedicated herself to patient care. Seeking broader horizons, Dalia moved back to the UK in 2013, where she completed the National Diploma in Dental Nursing in 2014. She then worked as a Dental Nurse at a private practice in London, applying her knowledge and skills in a new setting.

Embracing the Joy of Teaching
Life took a new turn when Dalia decided to take some time off during her pregnancy. It was during this period that she discovered her passion for teaching. Stepping into the role of a science teacher at an international school in the Middle East, Dalia found immense joy and fulfilment in educating young minds. Teaching became the highlight of her career, bringing her unexpected happiness and a profound sense of accomplishment.

A Commitment to Dental and Educational Excellence
After four rewarding years of teaching, Dalia’s journey came full circle as she returned to the UK in 2020 with renewed determination to pursue her career in both dentistry and education. Today, Dalia is a qualified Dental Assessor and Tutor at Everest Education. She is also diligently working towards completing her registration as a Dental Hygienist. In addition, Dalia is currently advancing her expertise by pursuing an MSc degree in Dental Public Health and Leadership at Queen Mary University of London.

Inspiring the Next Generation
Dalia Hani embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and the joy of sharing knowledge. Her unique path from a dental practitioner to a beloved tutor illustrates her adaptability, dedication, and passion for making a difference in both the dental field and in education. At Everest Education, Dalia continues to inspire her students with her expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for teaching.

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