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Welcome to Everest Education Limited. Everest Education provides education, support and guidance for aspiring dental nurses. We are offering NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing led by our highly respected and experienced dental tutors.

Dental Nursing Diploma

Anyone wishing to work as a Dental Nurse in the UK is required to complete this course and register with GDC. It is legality from GDC that if a student wants to work as a trainee dental nurse they should be enrolled on a diploma course.

Why Dental Nursing Diploma at Everest Education?

Everest Education team is composed with dental industry experts including the college director and academic units. The courses are delivered by the former NEBDN qualified dental nurse with large work experiences in the UK.

To complete the course in time, learner has to complete RoE (Record of Experience) in time. Learner has to work as a Trainee Dental Nurse to submit the RoE and Everest Education fully supports learners in the placement management.

The course fee is very affordable at Everest Education. Learners are able to pay their course fee fully up-front or continue the 4x equal monthly fee pay plan. The direct placement support helps the learner to pay for the course fee as well.

Need a career change?

Join National Diploma in Dental Nursing at Everest Education and kick-start your career as a Dental Nurse in the UK.

Fulfilling the promise of quality dental nursing education.

Approach by the former NEBDN qualified Dental Nurses to fill the gaps in the dental nursing education and training.

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Learner’s Voice

Professional Firms

“I would highly recommend Everest Education to anyone who’s looking to become a dental nurse. Their lessons times are so convenient for students who are working full time. My tutors Meena and Manisha were so supportive throughout,very organised and structured and very helpful. Could not recommend them enough”

Anastasia Mandalac, 2022 Batch

Private clients

“I will love to recommend this school to anyone who is willing to be a dentist, they are very kind and helpful. They also treat everyone equally ✌️❤️❤️”

Nanneth Osei, 2022 Batch

Professional Firms

“I am currently doing my diploma in dental nurse with Everest Education. The staffs are really helpful. They have excellent experienced tutors. I am glad I choose Everest Education for my nursing course. I would highly recommend this people who are interested to do a nursing course.”

Reena Rai, 2022 Batch

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