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Welcome to Everest Education Ltd. Everest Education provide education, support and guidance for aspiring dental nurses. We are soon going to offer Diploma in Dental Nursing lead by our highly respected and experienced dental tutors. Stay tuned!

Who We Are

Everest Education Limited is the training provider which has been newly established and primarily offers Diploma in Dental Nursing (coming soon).  The awarding body for the National Diploma for dental nurse qualification is the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN.) Everest is an accredited NEBDN training centre.

As one of the UK’s newly established dental training providers, our programmes for trainee dental nurses are second to none. We ensure you get the best dental nurse training, whilst offering highly competitive rates.

What is a Dental Nurse?

A Dental Nurse is a GDC registered dental professional who gives support to the dentist in all aspects of patients’ dental care across the full range of treatments and may also carry out reception work and other tasks. A dental nurse is a key element in the dental team who provides help to everybody in the staff when required.

To be a dental nurse you will need to have excellent communication skills, a caring nature and be highly organised. Dental Nurses need to be friendly and approachable, reliable, calm and be flexible enough to respond to unexpected situations as they arise.

What are the Dental Nurse Duties?

Some of the specific duties include:

  • Being responsible for the decontamination of instruments and environment (sterilisation and control infection)
  • Maintaining dental operating equipment.
  • Ensuring that all supplies are in place.
  • Looking after patient records as well as taking notes when required.
  • Helping the dentist when needed by passing instruments and materials.
  • Keeping the patient relaxed and comfortable at all times.


You may also help with reception work. Tact and discretion are important qualities for a dental nurse: you will be handling confidential patient information and caring for people.

Dental nurses usually work from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and sometimes evenings if required. For hospital’s dental departments there may be on call at nights and weekends for emergencies.


NEBDN Level 3 Dental Nursing Diploma

Anyone wishing to work as a Dental Nurse in the UK is required to complete this course and register with GDC.

We will guide and support you from the very first step. To join the National Diploma in Dental Nursing you do not need to be working in a dental practice. It is legality from GDC that if a student wants to work as a trainee dental nurse they should be enrolled on a diploma course. After we have enrolled you on the course, we can issue a confirmation letter stating that you are on the course and can be hired as trainee dental nurses. Upon completion of the diploma, students receive a degree from NEBDN and get registered with GDC.

All successful learners are eligible for GDC registration as a dental nurse upon completion of the portfolio and achievement of the written and practical examinations.

  • Provides dental nurses with a professional qualification and career path.
  • Dental nurses can then progress onto post GDC registration courses such as the Oral Health Education, Dental Radiography and Sedation.

The course creates an opportunity to progress into teaching, assessing or dental hygiene & therapy careers.

What can you achieve after successfully completing this qualification?

  • Eligible to register with GDC
  • Suitable to apply for Post Graduate courses and become a Specialist Dental Nurse.
  • Enhances career and professional prospects
  • Suitable to apply for Dental Hygienist, Orthodontics and Therapist courses.
  • Becomes a Qualified Dental Nurse with full access to work on the clinical side

Why Everest Education?

Flexible Learning

With a choice of start dates for our training, we teach in small groups to improve the teacher/student focus.

Mentoring and Tutoring

Everest Education Limited supports each learner every step of the way. Our tutors have many years’ experience and are passionate about the success of the students. Always available to assist any student the tutors ensure an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.

In addition to our experienced trainers, we also have our very own in-house recruitment team. They specialise in finding the right positions for trainee dental nurses.

How do I get more information?

It’s simple, all you need to do is contact us on +44 125 697 4187 or email at info@theeveresteducation.co.uk. Our consultants will answer your questions and guide you. 

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